the artist/
    Hi! My name is Marina, and i make digital art. I started about eight years ago with some intensely awful attempts at X-Files collages (colorize and lens flare may have taken out a restraining order against me), but gradually improved, making layouts, wallpapers, and other collages for various fandoms. I made a lot of Alias art before the show started sucking, and now just focus on whatever has my attention at the moment. I'm pretty fickle. Livejournal icons are like fanart CANDY. I recently graduated from college with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and a specialization in drawing and painting, and i suppose i'm now pursuing a career as a professional artist. I still mostly put that off in favor of Photoshop and fandom. It's pretty sad.

site info/
    All graphics used to be made using an old, decrepit Photoshop 5.0, until fairly recently when i upgraded to Photoshop CS2. HTML is done in notepad, and never using elaborate scripting. I'm a simple girl. This is probably best viewed using IE5+ or NS6+, and a screen resolution of 800x600 (because it's tiny!), or 1024x768 if you're cool like me.

art info/
    The images i use generally come from all over the place, but for movie art i've taken to making my own DVD caps using InterVideo WinDVD 4. For textures and backgrounds, i use my own scans and digital photographs (my camera is a Nikon D70s). I never use brushes, except for- obviously- the normal round ones. Fonts i use most often are Arial, Courier New, and TW Cen MT, and i also scan my own handwriting a lot these days. Like i said- simple girl.