Uhhhhh... been a while? Just updated the main page design because its oldness was bothering me. I haven't felt the Alias love in a long while, but i have been putting up quite a bit of work over at Revisionist. The prettiness, it's always around in some form or another!

   Hey, long time no see! So, i made a Syd/Nadia/Irina wallpaper. No point other than the fact that there were pretty pictures i could put to use. Wheee! Bye again!

   New S/V wallpaper- oh man, skankiness, AGAIN? You'd think they were big huge sluts or something. ... Well...

   Made a new Syd wallpaper. You know, it kind of vaguely goes with this old one. Assassin!Syd i loooooove yooooooou.

   Whoah. Apparently i've turned into someone who is actually productive. Put up a skanky new S/V wallpaper. Ah. Shallowness.

   New themed s1-ish collage is up. Ahh, dvd caps are good. Also- Syd is great. Also- Jennifer Garner is excessively pretty. I love this show.

   I added a few new buttons to the link me page, and cleaned up the links a bit. Yes, exciting update, i know.

   Made a Syd/Will Remnants collage. Angst! Hey! Even though, except for that first scene, they weren't too angsty. Shhhh! It's my thing. Oh, and looook! Rose finally updated again! Go check out her gorgeous new Alias-y stuff. And bug her to make more art, or at least post it in a timely manner, okay? She can be lazier than i am. And that's really saying something.

   Put a new S/V collage up in the themed section. That's right! S/V! Remember them? Yeah. They're pretty. The lyrics have also been updated accordingly. Only two more weeks till a new ep! (haha, only. when it starts out as five weeks, two looks pretty good.)