the artist
   I started making digital art for The X-Files about 7 years ago, and have since expanded my collaging to various fandoms. I am currently a senior in college, majoring in art, but all this web stuff is just for recreation. I've loved Alias since the first episode, although the past two seasons have left a lot to be desired and i'm not as excited about it as i once was. But i still love what it used to be, and there are always the dvds. And, hell, it continues to be pretty. If you would like to learn more about me (whyyyy?), you can visit my personal site/collective here.

What do you use to make your collages/website?
   I use PhotoShop 5.0 for all my graphics, and notepad for editing html. Yes, it's all very exciting.
What brushes do you use?
   I don't use brushes. All the textures i use come from my own digital photographs and scans, a few stock photos now and then, or lines i scribble- random stuff.
Where does the text in your work come from?
   I make some of it up (poet, me), but most of it comes from song lyrics, which i've compiled a list of here.
Can I use your graphics on my site?
   Only if you're displaying them in some sort of fanart archive format (example), in which case i ask that you credit me and provide a link back to my site. Please don't use them for site designs, backgrounds, or any other part of your own layout or graphics. Also, please don't edit them in any way. If you really want other people to see my work, simply point them to my site- it's all up for display here.
Can I link your site?
   Yes, please! Links are always gratefully appreciated, and i have banners and buttons for you to use here.
   If i haven't answered your question here, please don't hesitate to e-mail me!

   Alias is trademark and/or copyright ABC, Bad Robot, JJ Abrams, et al. I have no affiliation with the show, and none of this is being done for profit.